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Enterprises are dealing with challenges related to exponential data growth, regulatory compliance, and the need for enhanced data accessibility for analytics and business intelligence. AWS offers archive storage solutions to address these challenges and provide benefits such as data durability, security, compliance, and cost efficiency.

AWS Archive Storage Solutions:

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service):

  • Amazon S3 provides virtually unlimited scale, 99.999999999% durability, and high data security standards.
  • It offers lower costs and faster access times compared to on-premises tape storage.
  • Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes are optimized for data archiving, providing different access patterns and storage durations.

Benefits of Archiving in AWS:

  1. Lowest Cost: AWS archival storage solutions start at about $1 per terabyte per month, offering cost savings compared to on-premises tape infrastructure.
  2. Compliance: AWS supports global compliance requirements, aiding efforts to meet security and compliance standards for various industries.
  3. Business Agility: Data can be quickly moved from archival to production for insights, and adjacent AWS services can be accessed for analysis and intelligence.
  4. Zero Hardware Management: AWS eliminates the need to manage on-premises tape libraries, simplifying archiving and reducing operational complexities.
  5. Data Protection: Data stored in AWS archival storage solutions is highly available, durable, and can be configured for immutability, preventing deletion or modification.
  6. Unlimited Scale: AWS offers pay-as-you-go pricing to meet unpredictable capacity demands driven by data growth.

Use Cases:

  1. Compliance Archival: Industries like finance, healthcare, and public sector require long-term data retention for compliance. AWS supports various compliance standards.
  2. Media Asset Preservation: Customers can store digital media assets in highly durable storage solutions, moving data from archival to distribution when needed.
  3. Enterprise Backups: Organizations can migrate off tape libraries, reducing backup costs and gaining faster access to archived data.
  4. Disaster Recovery: Coldest data can be replicated to a secondary Region for disaster recovery.

Amazon S3 Glacier Storage Classes:

  • S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval: Immediate access for data like medical images or news media assets.
  • S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval: Retrieval in minutes or free bulk retrievals for non-immediate access.
  • S3 Glacier Deep Archive: Lowest cost storage with retrieval within twelve hours for long-lived archive storage.

Webinars and Resources:

  • Modernizing Data Archiving: Customer insights on maximizing the value of digital media assets using Amazon S3.
  • Move Data Archives to AWS: Benefits of archiving data in AWS and how it helps lower costs and gain insights.
  • Put Your Cold Data to Work: How Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes can be used for analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence.


AWS Archive Storage Solutions offer a comprehensive set of benefits, including cost efficiency, compliance, data protection, and scalability. Using Amazon S3 and its Glacier storage classes, enterprises can store data securely, access it with varying retrieval times, and leverage advanced analytics and machine learning for business insights.

Compliance archival

Heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and public sector organizations require customers to retain data for long periods of time for business compliance and regulatory purposes. AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171, helping satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.

Media asset preservation

Customers can store infrequently accessed digital media assets in highly durable and massively scalable storage solutions at very low costs. They can easily move data from archival to distribution when needed, and extract insights by easily accessing adjacent AWS services such as AWS Elemental Media Services, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, and Amazon Rekognition, to maximize the value of data and generate top line value.

Enterprise backups

Customers can significantly reduce the cost of their offsite backups by migrating off of tape libraries and storage appliances, moving data into AWS. AWS archive solutions have no upfront costs, eliminate maintenance costs, and provide significantly faster access when archived data is needed.

Disaster recovery

Customers can replicate their coldest data to a secondary Region at a very low cost with just the click of a button using AWS archival storage solutions and meet disaster recovery needs. AWS archival solutions make it easy for organizations to meet their offsite data storage needs with unmatched durability and resilience.

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