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How AWS SimSpace Weaver Works:

AWS SimSpace Weaver is a managed service that enables users to create expansive simulation worlds with increased complexity and scale. It leverages multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to manage underlying compute, memory, and networking resources, allowing users to focus on building simulations. The service offers the benefits of scale and cost-efficiency, eliminating the need for users to manage on-premises solutions.

The process of using AWS SimSpace Weaver involves the following steps:

  1. Create Simulation: Users utilize AWS SimSpace Weaver APIs and SDKs to create a simulation world. This world could encompass various elements and features based on the specific simulation requirements.
  2. Deployment: The simulation created in the previous step is deployed across multiple Amazon EC2 instances. These instances are responsible for managing compute, memory, and networking resources to support the simulation’s complexity and scale.
  3. Connect Client Application: A client application, such as a user interface or simulation control interface, is developed to interact with the simulation. This client application connects to the deployed simulation running on the Amazon EC2 instances.
  4. Interact with Simulation: Once connected, the client application interacts with the simulation, allowing users to control and manage the simulation environment. This interaction could involve real-time manipulation of simulation parameters, observation of simulation outcomes, and more.


  1. Simplified Scale: AWS SimSpace Weaver takes care of managing the scaling aspects of simulations. Users can create large-scale simulations without the need to manually manage the underlying infrastructure.
  2. Cost Efficiency: The service eliminates the need for on-premises solutions and their associated costs. Users only pay for the AWS resources they use, resulting in cost savings.
  3. Focus on Building: With the management of compute and infrastructure handled by AWS, users can focus their efforts on building and refining simulations.

Why AWS SimSpace Weaver:

The „Why AWS SimSpace Weaver” video highlights the benefits of the service, emphasizing how it makes it easier to build and run large-scale spatial simulations in the cloud. By offloading the management of complex infrastructure to AWS, users can achieve scale and complexity without the hassle of managing individual instances.


AWS SimSpace Weaver is a managed service that simplifies the process of building and running expansive simulations by leveraging Amazon EC2 instances. Users can create simulations, deploy them across instances, connect client applications, and interact with simulations—all while AWS manages the underlying infrastructure. This approach offers cost efficiency, scale, and the ability to focus on building simulations.

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