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Wide Area Network (WAN)

LED indicators of a router flash with a Wi-Fi signal.

How it Works:

AWS Cloud WAN offers a centralized platform for establishing connections between various network components, including branch offices, data centers, and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs). This service simplifies the process of building a global network infrastructure by providing an intuitive dashboard that allows users to create connections with just a few clicks.

Key Features:

  1. Central Dashboard: AWS Cloud WAN provides a centralized dashboard where users can manage and configure connections between different network components, regardless of their physical locations. This simplifies the process of building and managing a global network.
  2. Automated Network Management: The service allows users to set up network policies that automate various network management and security tasks. These policies help streamline network operations and ensure consistent security practices across the entire network.
  3. Complete Network View: AWS Cloud WAN generates a comprehensive view of both on-premises and AWS network components. This view provides insights into the health, security, and performance of the network, helping users monitor and manage their network effectively.

Use Cases:

  1. Build a Global Network: AWS Cloud WAN enables users to establish connections with their preferred local network providers to connect to AWS. Once connected, the AWS global network can be leveraged to create connections between different locations and Amazon VPCs, allowing for the creation of a global network infrastructure.
  2. Connect Cloud and On-Premises Environments: Organizations can use AWS Cloud WAN to extend their Wide Area Network (WAN) to the cloud. This involves linking on-premises data centers, branch offices, and cloud resources to ensure seamless communication between these different environments.
  3. Visualize and Control the Network: The service offers a unified platform for configuring network settings, monitoring network performance and health, and automating routine tasks. This centralized approach simplifies network management, making it easier to visualize and control the entire network infrastructure.


AWS Cloud WAN provides a centralized solution for creating and managing network connections between branch offices, data centers, and Amazon VPCs. With its central dashboard, automated network management, and complete network view, the service simplifies the process of building a global network infrastructure and connecting cloud and on-premises environments.

AWS Cloud WAN provides a central dashboard for making connections between your branch offices, data centers, and Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs)
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