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How it Works:

Migration Evaluator is a tool that helps organizations build a well-informed business case for migrating to AWS by providing valuable insights and data-driven analysis. It aids in defining the next steps in the migration journey by offering accurate estimates of migration costs and potential savings.

The tool operates through an Agentless Collector and Quick Insights reports, as depicted in the diagram.

Agentless Collector: The Agentless Collector is used to gather data from on-premises environments. It collects relevant information about your existing infrastructure, workloads, and applications without the need to install any agents. This data collection process helps in understanding the current environment and provides the necessary input for the analysis.

Quick Insights Reports: Once the data is collected by the Agentless Collector, the Migration Evaluator generates Quick Insights reports. These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the data collected, offering insights into potential migration scenarios, cost estimations, and expected savings when migrating to AWS. The reports help organizations understand the financial implications of migrating workloads to the cloud.


  1. Access to AWS Expertise: Migration Evaluator provides access to AWS expertise and best practices, enabling organizations to make informed decisions during the migration planning process.
  2. Visibility into Migration Scenarios: The tool offers visibility into multiple migration scenarios, helping organizations choose the most cost-effective and suitable approach for their workloads.
  3. Software Licensing Insights: Migration Evaluator provides insights into reusing existing software licenses, contributing to cost reduction strategies.


Migration Evaluator is a tool designed to remove guesswork from the migration planning process. By utilizing an Agentless Collector to gather on-premises data and generating Quick Insights reports, the tool provides accurate cost estimates and potential savings for migrating workloads to AWS. This enables organizations to make data-driven decisions, build a strong business case for migration, and define the most suitable path for their migration journey.

Diagram shows how Agentless Collector is used to gather on-premises data and Quick Insights reports to estimate migration cost and savings on AWS.
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