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Visualization, Reporting & Analysis

Automated Data Analytics on AWS streamlines the process of extracting valuable insights from data within minutes through an intuitive user interface.

This solution simplifies the aggregation of data stored across various repositories, enforces meticulous governance controls, and facilitates data querying through a customized user experience that shields users from the complexities of underlying AWS services. Deploying the solution into an AWS account is effortlessly accomplished with a single click, negating the necessity for extensive technical proficiency.

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Accelerated time to gain insights
Readily deployable without the need to construct a platform from scratch. For those embarking on initial data journeys, this solution facilitates swift commencement and progressive expansion of capabilities.

Diminished operational burden
Eliminates the complexities of data amalgamation and management across divergent datasets.

Self-sufficient analytics
Accessible to anyone proficient in SQL, enabling the quick and uncomplicated extraction of insights from their data.

Collaboration and controls spanning the entire organization
Users can seamlessly share datasets and queries across teams, fortified by adaptable controls that safeguard access.

Technical Insights

The provided diagram illustrates the architecture that will be autonomously established by following the instructions outlined in the solution’s Implementation Guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Upon deployment, users will access the application via a dedicated user interface that conceals the intricate workings of the underlying AWS services.

Uncover the operational details of this AWS Solution, including data ingestion from an array of sources and more, in the comprehensive implementation guide.

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